Our work


Hempel is the leading global supplier of paints for the protective industry, containers, agricultural equipment, and yachts. C&COM works in cooperation with Hempel providing advertising and PR articles with professional print media and web portals throughout Europe, Africa, and Rusian-sleaking countries. For 10 years, we have worked with 90 titles in 20 countries.


3D model Hempacore

Our important client, Hempel, assigned us the task of creating a 3D model of foamy Hempacore fire protection paint for presentation purposes at international trade fairs. Because it is technically impossible to present the actual foaming paint, it was necessary to find a substitute solution in the form of a mock-up. We had the 3D model graphically executed on the basis of 3 photographs and printed as a prototype by 3D printer. The printed 3D model was used as the base to create a silicone mould. The final model is cast in a mixture of artificial resin and crushed stone.


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